About Us

SoberFingers.com is the brainchild of Joni E., past delegate for South Florida Area 15

For several years Joni watched the ASL interpreters at state and regional 12 step conventions, translate for the members of the deaf community in attendance. However, there were very few of the deaf community attending, sometimes none. Realizing the costs involved with interpreting, plus attending these events, the goal was to find a way to make the message of recovery more accessible. This she hoped to accomplish by providing interpreter videos online of some of the best sober speakers in the country, free to the recovery community.

In this way the idea to bridge the gap between the deaf community and the main stream recovery community has taken a giant leap forward. It was equally important that this be done “for fun and for free” to help carry the message of recovery to those who may never get to attend these events.

“Our hope is that we may share what is being so freely given to us.”, she would say.

“All speakers who have been approached to date have been thrilled to participate, that their talk may actually reach the deaf community. They have all given permission to use their talks and we have their enthusiastic support along with that of the conventions where we have taped these ASL interpreted meetings.”

What you see here, this Website, is her legacy of love and service.

Joni passed away April 19, 2011.

It was her wish that this Website continue.